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Romans 10:14 "They Cannot Learn Without A Preacher"

"Christians have never been able to establish any hermeneutic that can be independently verified...There is literally nothing to stop a Christian from interpreting the Bible in whatever way suites their biases"

The most amusing, is when people listen to a preacher teach a blatant falsehood, straight to their faces about the simplest verse or concepts. People are so brainwashed, they do not believe they can trust their own brain to comprehend a reading of "the Holy Bible". As if there's something so sacred, spirit daddy alone can understand and explain it. People won't read the scripture them self using critical reasoning and attention to detail. Much less, an original opinion, that goes against "what we've always heard it means".They are dependent on spirit-daddy who stands behind the pulpit to explain a simple sentence. People shake their heads in agreement, as though under some kind of hypnotic trance. And from that point on, they continue to cite that misinterpreted verse, generation after generation, never questioning. They can open their Bible, and see the verse with their own two eyes and yet they still read it through the filter of misinterpretation because that's how they heard it read once in church, or how their neighbor interprets it... but if you actually read the verse, it says something entirely different. Things like this, will test your sanity! All because a preacher in the past read it that way. How many times have people repeated, "Spare the Rod. Spoil the Child"? as though it were holy writ from the Bible? The phrase “spare the rod, spoil the child” comes from Proverbs 13:24, “He who spares the rod hates his son, but he who loves him is careful to discipline him.”

Discipline does not mean beating the crap out of your kids. The verse in the Bible emphasizes to correct and teach in a loving manner. Fundamentalist thumpers (with an agenda) misinterpreted out of their own prejudice, and extrapolated it to mean, regularly beat your kids senseless. And from time forward the lie became the truth. The way theists interpret, as well as outside systems of belief.

Preachers are infamous for taking a verse from the bible, reading it within the context of their peculiar doctrines, and then the incorrect verse becomes the accepted version. Nobody reads with new eyes, open mind, free from doctrinal rhetoric. In that hypnotic state, induced by mainstream preacher-speak, it is impossible for people to read plain English. "But nobody is saying that." Ha, do I need approval to call a spade, a spade?!

They stumble over the greatest simplicities in this manner. And the funny thing is, as many times as preachers have mislead people in this way, to the point of widespread misinterpretation of the most simple scriptures, people STILL continue to believe and teach the lie, that it is impossible to understand the Bible, without a spirit-daddy at the pulpit, reading scripture for you.

Romans 10:14 "...and how shall they hear without a preacher?"

How can they trust a preacher?! You can't trust preachers. I trust ME and me only to correctly read English, Hebrew, or whatever for myself.
I read the Bible (past tense) and when I did I came away realizing that 75% of the things I was taught about what the Bible said was a lie. I've seen so many times, controversies would erupt on television or elsewhere on theology.. and when I went back to the Bible, to the verses in dispute, I learned the Bible didn't even say what they're saying it does.

Matthew 15:13 "if a blind man guides a blind man, both will fall into a pit."


even the verse Romans 10:14 "...and how shall they hear without a preacher?"

Has often been construed, by religionists, to convince people of the importance that they *must* attend a church, as well as discouraging personal study by reassuring them that they can not properly read, comprehend or correctly interpret scripture on their own for lack of some intermediator, "for only he knows the will of God." Therefore, they need a preacher, mediator, an interpreter.

I had that very thing said to me, again and again, by those seeking to convert me to their religion or church, when my own conscience was telling me, "I do not want to attend a church which teaches false doctrines.". When they looked at my library of theology books, disparagingly they pursed their lips and sneered, "You cannot learn without a preacher." and citing Romans 10:14 as the authority by which they speak.

But that is NOT what the verse is conveying in its true context. You could not walk into a Barnes & Nobles bookstore in AD 56 and purchase a Bible. Romans was written in a period when people didn't have access to modern printing presses or books. So, logically, how would people hear without a preacher?

Today, in our modern day, with millions of Bibles readily available what excuse remains for the continuation of this evil lie.. this false teaching which sprang up from simply "mis-reading scripture," and since it served the pulpit very profitably, this lie was spread far and wide. Purposely taken out of context and used as an excuse to badger, berate, manipulate and otherwise shackle people into attendance of their church. A lie which has been perpetuated, generation after generation after generation and until people start speaking the truth, such a lie will continue to be propagated in churches, around the world.

When do people learn to read what is written in such plain language, in black and white? and question EVERY THING the church has taught them?

In light of the obvious, are Christians, in modern time with availability of a public education system, ILLITERATE, and need a tutor to read to them?

This makes me question not only the lack of availability to printing presses and books, but the question of literacy of the "Hearers" during the era in which Romans was written.

Literacy and Culture in Early Christianity
Books and Readers in the Early Church: A History of Early Christian Texts
Gamble begins his first chapter with an intriguing quote from Origen. Perhaps the greatest biblical scholar of the early church, Origen was defending the scriptures from the accusation of being literarily lackluster. He did not defend the gospels as masterpieces of literature, but rather argued,
It was not any power of speaking, or any orderly arrangement of their message, according to the arts of Grecian dialectics or rhetoric, which was in them the effective cause of converting their hearers. Nay, I am of opinion that if Jesus had selected some individuals who were wise according to the apprehension of the multitude, and who were fitted both to think and speak so as to please them, and had used such as the ministers of His doctrine, He would most justly have been suspected of employing artifices, like those philosophers who are the leaders of certain sects, and consequently the promise respecting the divinity of His doctrine would not have manifested itself; for had the doctrine and the preaching consisted in the persuasive utterance and arrangement of words, then faith also, like that of the philosophers of the world in their opinions, would have been through the wisdom of men, and not through the power of God. (Against Celsus 1.62)

Origen goes on to quote Paul’s response to his cultured Corinthian despisers (1 Cor 2.4-5). Similarly, Acts portrays the apostles as “unlettered and uneducated”

My Source goes on to say:

"..Still, it is important to recognize that “literacy,” was both extremely rare and widely varied. It was rare in the sense that most people could not read. It was varied in that “literacy” could describe one’s ability to read a simple text aloud or the skills to compose lengthy texts.
The typical estimate of literacy, broadly defined as “the ability to read or write at any level” (4) was only about 10 percent of society at large. The lack of any widespread educational system meant literacy was limited to the elite."

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Mark Twain Sympathy For The Devil


There are bigger fish to fry than Agnostics and Atheists.

"But who prays for Satan? Who, in eighteen centuries, has had the common humanity to pray for the one sinner that needed it most?"
~ Mark Twain

Matthew 19:26 "Jesus looked at them and said, "With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible."

Then I say, PRAY for Satan to be forgiven so that all evil may be vanquished.

The Lord teaches us to forgive our enemies but can God forgive his?

Matt. 17:20 "And Jesus said unto them, Because of your unbelief: for verily I say unto you, If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you."

Do you believe Satan can never be offered redemption or receive salvation?
Have you prayed for the redemption of the Devil?
Who prays for Satan?
Agnostics and Atheists are just tiny souls. Why waste time on the little fish? If Satan is redeemed, ALL of mankind may be saved.
Is this piteous lost soul condemned to spend all of eternity in the abyss because Christians lacked faith and failed to utter a prayer in behalf of his salvation?

Do not say, it is impossible. "... with God all things are possible ... "

The Prodigal Son and Satan (salvation, unpardonable, hell, eternal)

A conversation, found here.

Why doesn't the classic parable apply to Satan???
It should. That's how I view the whole concept of Satan.

Because Satan didn't/doesn’t come back to god and ask for forgiveness?

But what if he did?

He can't. he commited the unpardonable sin, he rebelled with a full knowlege of the glory of God in its fullness.


So, as the Quest Study Bible puts it, “Jesus gave the solemn warning in these verses to people whose hard-heartedness placed them on the brink of disaster. Blasphemy against the Spirit evidently is not just a one-time offense; rather, it is an ongoing attitude of rebellion – a stubborn way of life that continually resists, rejects and insults the Holy Spirit. This is what makes it, in effect, an eternal sin (Mark 3:29). Blasphemy against the Spirit is not unforgivable because of something done unintentionally in the past, but because of something being done deliberately and unrelentingly in the present.”

Therefore, Satan CAN be redeemed.

But you, Christian, will not pray for his salvation, and his eternal d*mnation will be to your own discredit.

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  • If Satan Repented, Would God Forgive Him?
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    Theism and Atheism = Mental Illness


    Today I Googled "Superiority Complex"... trying to narrow down that annoying attitude... you know the one... observed regularly coming from Atheists and Theists... their precious "Patent Packaged Truths". Views, arrogantly... boastfully... without an ounce of humility, that would only be espoused by inferior people that hide behind "something bigger than their self" hoping to give their self some sense of superiority.

    Atheism and Theism, is the easy ticket to bragging rights... to a big fat nothing. I have a friend who complains about Theists boasting they will be the only ones in heaven. And all of it is a simple case of damaged brain cells doing the talking, along with Atheists who claim they're "so intellectually superior" because they're an atheist. Hogwash!

    ATHEISM & THEISM (see this link: What is a Superiority Complex?)

    "...A superiority complex is a psychological disorder in which the affected individual experiences an exaggerated feeling of self-importance. He or she feels superior to other people and displays a general disregard for the thoughts of others. Individuals with a superiority complex often exhibit a sense of grandiosity. They typically maintain a feeling that they are better or more important than other people, and often fail to take the opinions or desires of others seriously. This disorder may also be referred to as narcissism or megalomania."

    Superiority Complex = Mental Disorder... Like this little person below who _arrogantly_ and very erroneously equates his precious religion of atheism to the monopoly on "science lessons" to teach all those "inferior theists"... yes, superiority complex... a mental disorder... and what social contribution?? Hatefully agitating in droves, hacking up forums with bigoted anti-religious rants?

    UncleMejija said: I'm an atheist who ignores religious people almost completely, and so I have the clear sight to see the anger and overreaction most atheists harbor toward religious folks. The militancy of atheists is what's most disturbing. Let religious people relicize in peace.
    dunre646 said: you mean the ones that ask questions and give science lessons?
    UncleMejija, Mar 26, 2012: The ironic part is that most atheists couldn't pass high school chemistry. Just as dimwitted, yet ten times more arrogant about their omniscience.

    Science lessons?!?

    From what? A baseless philosophy like Atheism that is not remotely based in science because it offers no substantiating evidence for itself?! What would qualify these atheist clowns to "give science lessons"?! Somebody is not only arrogant but delusional as well!

    Seriously, "The ironic part is that most atheists couldn't pass high school chemistry." was the opinion of an atheist, I copied and pasted.

    Amen. An Atheist with a working brain.

    BEWARE THE UNDERLYING SUPERIORITY COMPLEX WHICH IS A SERIOUS MENTAL ISSUE!!! (actually, it may be a hidden inferiority complex say the shrinks)...

    My head swims reading this diagnosis for superiority complexes, its all there, what attracts people to religion.... I have seen these behaviors in atheist hovels and can think of equally disturbing examples among ardent theists,


    "...A superiority complex is a psychological disorder in which.... he or she ..... disregard for the thoughts of others....."

    Amen. Rudely shatting upon freedoms of others; the right of worship, or lack thereof, under laws that protect the freedom of religion for all.

    Many Atheists... and Theists.... genuinely believe that those who do not agree with their religion(s) and do not think the same way they do, are irrelevant non-people. They lambaste their enemies (?? sprinkled with a touch of paranoia??) with scathing insulting ridicule and condemnation.

    This mental disease borderlines on a god complex.

    See the full article on the mental disorder "Superiority Complex" at this link.

    Agnostic: What did Hebrews mean by fruit? They didn't have microscopes to see fungi reproduction. And "fruit" is being used extremely loosely by microbiologists who study fungi. It just means that the fungi cells organize themselves into bodies that act somewhat like "seeds" that can fly away and spread new colonies of fungi.

    Science/Genesis: Oh my God, are you serious?!
    FRUIT. A general term for "fruit". Fruit of the Loom, Fruit of the Womb... etc.
    Fruiting Fungi produce edible products.

    What is a Mushroom? - Encyclopedia of Life
    Encyclopedia of Life - Defining mushrooms
    All mushrooms are fungi, but not all fungi are mushrooms. For those fungi that produce them, the mushroom plays a similar role to a flower or a fruit in plants.

    Growing & harvesting
    A mushroom is actually the fruit of a much bigger fungus which grows under the ground. The entire organism consists of an extensive network of tiny fibres which produce fruiting bodies so the fungus can reproduce. These fruits are the mushrooms that we see above ground, and some species of mushroom are edible. Mushrooms grow in the wild in autumn, but can be cultivated year round, by recreating autumn conditions at any time, allowing us to enjoy fresh mushrooms all the time. Learn more about how mushrooms are grown here.
    Fruit of the Fungi

    In 2007, our adventures led us to the amazing world of mushrooms. We found that gourmet mushrooms are an ideal local product. Mushrooms are difficult to transport while maintaining quality. The established food system cannot compete with the taste, texture, or shelf-life of a fresh picked gourmet mushroom. We promise to deliver only the highest quality mushrooms that we would be proud to serve to our own family. As you enjoy our site and learn about our products, we hope that you will feel as we do, at home. Come visit us at the farm or market and give our ‘fruit’ of the fungi a try.

    God Bless,
    KC & Kristi Mangine

    Mushroom Families
    Mushrooms are also unique within the Fungal Kingdom itself, because they produce the complex fruiting body which we all know as 'The Mushroom', all of the mushrooms are placed in a division called 'Eumycota' meaning 'The True Fungi'.
    The True Fungi are what we all know as mushrooms. They are divided into other groups depending on the structure of their fruiting bodies and various other macro and microscopic characteristics.
    So, what are mushrooms? A mushroom is but the fruit of the fungal organism that produces them, just like an apple tree produces apples to bear seeds to ensure the continuation of it's species, so the fungal organism produces mushrooms that carry spores to ensure the continuation of it's own species.
    Therefore, the mushroom is the reproductive organ for the fungus.
    This means that by picking a mushroom we do not harm the fungus itself, because the main body of the organism lies underground in the form of a network of minute threads called 'Hyphae'.
    When two compatible hyphae meet they join together to form another network called the 'Mycelium' which grows quietly and unseen under ground for most of the year until the conditions are right for fruiting and that's when we get to see mushrooms.
    Unfortunately, mushrooms are very delicate things, they do not last, some have a life span of less than a day others may survive one week, and a group of tougher mushrooms may last months but they have a tough woody texture.
    Most fleshy mushrooms do not last, and this makes researching them very difficult.
    Since we do not know where they are till they fruit, we only get a few days to study them each time, and this is seasonal.
    You may ask why we don't mark the spot they fruited so they can be studied more next time? Good idea, but mushrooms are funny things, you may see a mushroom on a patch of your front lawn this year, but it may not fruit again for several years, or it may fruit again next week, or you may find a completely different kind of mushroom in the same area.
    Each Mushroom carries within it millions or even billions of spores, to the extent, that in the case of some kinds of mushrooms grown commercially, workers have to wear dust masks to protect themselves from the spore dust and breath easily.
    Only a few of these spores manage to survive and grow into a mycelial network producing new mushrooms . To make life even more difficult, two compatible spores have to meet to be able to produce mushrooms.

    Here's more.


    'nuff said.

    Mushroom Information and Educational Projects with Mushrooms
    Mushroom Facts

    The Mushroom

    What is a mushroom? Mushrooms are not plants! Recently it has been discovered that they are more closely related to animals. But at one time, Fungi, including mushrooms, were believed to be close relatives of plants so much of their nomenclature (names for parts of the mushroom) are close to the names used for plant parts. It is the fruit (like an apple) of the mushroom "body" and contain mushroom "seeds" called spores. The body of the mushroom in called mycelium and its individual parts are microscopic. Since the body of the mushroom is usually dispersed over a relatively large area it is rarely noticed. In nature some species of mushrooms may have a body that spreads over hundreds of square miles!

    Mushrooms are fungi, and are usually placed in a Kingdom of there own apart from plants and animals. Mushrooms contain no chlorophyll and most are considered saprophytes. That is, they obtain their nutrition from metabolizing non living organic matter. This means they break down and "eat" dead plants, like your compost pile does.

    The body of the mushroom stores nutrients and other essential compounds, and when enough material is stored and the conditions are right they start to fruit - produce mushrooms. It is a hidden kingdom. The part of the fungus that we see is only the “fruit” of the organism. The living body of the fungus is a mycelium made out of a web of tiny filaments called hyphae. The mycelium is usually hidden in the soil, in wood, or another food source. A mycelium may fill a single ant, or cover many acres. The branching hyphae can add over a half mile (1 km) of total length to the mycelium each day. These webs live unseen until they develop mushrooms, puffballs, truffles, brackets, cups, “birds nests,” “corals” or other fruiting bodies. If the mycelium produces microscopic fruiting bodies, people may never notice the fungus.

    Most fungi build their cell walls out of chitin. This is the same material as the hard outer shells of insects and other arthropods. Plants do not make chitin.

    Fungi feed by absorbing nutrients from the organic material in which they live. Fungi do not have stomachs. They must digest their food before it can pass through the cell wall into the hyphae. Hyphae secrete acids and enzymes that break the surrounding organic material down into simple molecules they can easily absorb - this is composting. Recent scientific studies have sown that Mushrooms Slow Climate Warming In Northern Forests.

    Mushrooms are nutritious: They are a good source of B vitamins, especially niacin and riboflavin, and rank the highest among vegetables for protein content. But because they are low in fat and calories, Western nutritionists mistakenly considered them of no food value (a fresh pound has only about 125 calories). Yet in dried form, mushrooms have almost as much protein as veal and a significant amount of complex carbohydrates called polysaccharides. Shiitake mushrooms are among the most delicious & very nutritious.

    Mushrooming up over night? If the body is spread out and microscopic, how do mushrooms grow so quickly? There are two basic reasons: 1) Since they store up compounds between fruiting and most fruit once a year, they have a lot of reserve available to support the mushroom. 2) Mushrooms develop differently than plants or animals do. Plants and animals grow through cell division - to get bigger they have to produce more cells. Cell division is relatively slow and requires a lot of energy. The mushroom body also grows by cell division. However, the mushroom fruit does not grow by cell division. Just about as soon as it starts to develop, a mushroom has almost the same number of cells that the mature mushroom will have. The mushroom increases in size through cell ENLARGEMENT! This means that the cells can balloon up very rapidly. Very little energy is required, basically the cells just enlarge with water. So a mushroom can increase in size as fast as water can be pumped into its cells. Almost overnight a mushroom can go from a pin head to a large mushroom.

    BTW, this is not about the Bible.
    This is all about atheist' arrogance -- predictably, the more ignorant they are, the more ARROGANT and OMNISCIENT they get over their stupid atheism religion.

    THE PROOF of their mental illness is in their DELUSION OF GRANDIEUR when they boast Atheism is "Science".

    Ironically, I don't know of any theists who go around claiming they are Scientists because they're Creationists?!?!?! o_O
    Even Jon Sarfati has an actual degree (chemistry). Jesus. He's got credulous readers, but the readers don't go around boasting the claim to be scientists themselves!
    I have seen examples of creationists who get a diploma mill certificate, then try to distort science into saying something it doesn't but creationists aren't so bold to claim "creationism is science".

    Atheists make that mistake all the time because they're delusional in their superiority complex.

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    (The Unknown God Acts 17:23) God's existence can not be proved or disproved. The Bible says so.


    A reader questioned,

    "A person who believes the existence of God cannot be proved or disproved is a ?"

    An atheist "feels" (emphasis: emotion) they feel, the existence of god has been disproved. But such a thing has never been accomplished. As long as there are believers in god(s), then those gods surely do exist, at least in the minds of the believers.

    That reader nailed it.

    I do not believe the existence of god can be proven or disproved. I have no clue what that makes me. Perhaps a thinker... a realist.. an acceptor of obvious truth? I see things in black and white, for what they are, as they are written.
    Theists feel they can "prove" the existence of god whilst Atheists feel the existence of god have been disproved. What god are they speaking of? Not the Biblical God obviously.

    And where do Agnostics fall into that classification? Perhaps somewhere along the lines of, "holding no belief that god, can be proven or disproved". Which is in fact the truth, but for very different reasons than my own rationale.

    One must ask, "Which god is in question?" Assuming one is questioning evidence or lack of evidence for the Hebrew God? Well then we must go to the source: The Bible.

    Isaiah 45:15 : Verily thou art a God that hidest thyself, O God of Israel, the Savior.

    Psalm 44:24 : Why do you hide your face and forget our misery and oppression?

    Isaiah 8:17 : I will wait for the LORD, who is hiding his face from the descendants of Jacob. I will put my trust in him.

    Does this mean the Bible teaches that God is the prodigal absent parent? No. Quite the opposite. God is omniscient and that presence is all consuming.

    Hebrews 4:13 : And no creature is hidden from his sight, but all are naked and exposed to the eyes of him to whom we must give account.

    For this cause, leads me to believe many Christians are not true Christians, or at least closet Atheists. They may attend church, but play the devil the other 6.9 days of the week... those jaw-dropping things they do behind closed doors. Obviously, they do not truly believe Hebrews 4:13 and have no fear of the God they claim to believe exists.

    Proverbs 25:2 : It is the glory of God to conceal a matter, But the glory of kings is to search out a matter.

    Daniel 12:9 : He said, "Go your way, Daniel, for these words are concealed and sealed up until the end time.

    Matthew 16:4 : A wicked and adulterous generation seeketh after a sign; and there shall no sign be given unto it, but the sign of the prophet Jonas. And he left them, and departed.

    So, Xtians will go on (equally as confused in their confidence as Atheists are to have patent, packaged "truth"), yet according to the Hebrew scriptures, the teachers had a very different God concept to offer their listeners.

    Acts 17:23 : For as I passed by, and beheld your devotions, I found an altar with this inscription, To The Unknown God. Whom therefore ye ignorantly worship, him declare I unto you.

    Oh how Atheists and Theists do proclaim to patent, package "know everything of God". But scripture declares the mysterious being to be unknown. This demand for "empirical and tangible evidence" flies in the face of Biblical teachings, both old and new testaments. Both Atheists and Theists are misguided on the basics of Biblical-Christian doctrines as taught by the prophets and Jesus.

    Hebrews 11:1 : Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.


    A simply false mythological teaching by Xtians, reinventing the Hebrew God, into a god styled on the gods of the Greeks or Romans... complete with a worldly throne, and human frailties. (anyone who denies this, should read up on God's wrath when the Hebrews reinvented God, with the "Queen of Heaven" as his consort. But earnestly, how many Christians actually bother read their Bible to form an original opinion?

    Xtianity, over the centuries has reconstructed a "god" concept of their own invention, made In the image of Man, though not based on any Biblical scriptures.

    God is stripped of his omnipotence in the Old Testament and reinvented as a small, frail, "king" in the physical form of a man. Zeus sits on a throne, and true to the Zeus myth, has lightning bolts and an electrical magic show about the throne, in a distant heaven, and oblivious to affairs of man.

    However, David, the King of Israel, who should know a helluva lot more than modern Xtians about "who" and "what" the Hebrew God is, had a very different impression of God's size, shape, form and mass.

    1 Kings 8:27 But will God indeed dwell on the earth? behold, the heaven and heaven of heavens cannot contain thee; how much less this house that I have builded?

    2 Chronicles 6:18 But will God in very deed dwell with men on the earth? behold, heaven and the heaven of heavens cannot contain thee; how much less this house which I have built!

    So which false prophet and lying preacher started spreading the nasty little myth that God's physical form is identical to the Greek God Zeus?

    God's Throne
    The Mythical Greek God Zeus who sits in Valhalla
    God's Throne
    The Mythical Greek God Zeus who sits in Valhalla
    God's Throne
    The Mythical Greek God Zeus who sits in Valhalla
    God's Throne
    The Mythical Greek God Zeus who sits in Valhalla... Mount Olympus or whatever. To the Xtians its the "Third Heaven" like the Greek mythology. The Indians had the "Great Hunting Ground".

    Oh well. It matters not. Xtians do not care about knowing the truth of "The Unknown God," since they worship false polytheistic idols like the silly Egyptian-Babylonian serpent-deity "satan," and if the ancients Hebrews had their way, the consort, the "Queen of Heaven" would be portrayed alongside Jehovah to this day.... oh wait, wait, wait!

    Jeremiah 7:18, "... the women knead the dough, to make cakes for the queen of heaven; and they pour out drink offerings to other gods, that they may provoke Me to anger!"

    Could ongoing "Mary Worship," be that same old ancient idolatry, reinvented?

    Once people began to worship the mother more than the child, Babylonian priests felt forced to issue an edict deifying the mother also. After the passage of still more time, "her son's birth was boldly declared to be miraculous, and therefore she was called ...the Virgin Mother." (p.76) "The highest titles were then bestowed upon her. She was called the Queen of Heaven. In Egypt, she was styled Athor, i.e., the Habitation of God to signify that in her dwelt all the 'fulness of the Godhead'". (p.77) From this pagan beginning, the story of the Virgin Mother (Queen of Heaven) spread throughout the world.

    These people who call themselves Judeo-Xtian, do not know who the Hebrew God is. Their impressions and concepts are derived from Idolatries, not actual scriptures. Therefore, how can they truly know God??

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    by title by author

    If educated and reason-minded Christian men of science like Louis Agassiz found it plausible to embrace the concept of a supernatural entity at work in nature, then the possibility is good enough for me.

    Science Fact: "The Sun and all the planets were formed at around the same time, depending on when you define the birth of the sun. Before the Sun became as it is today it was a proto sun, which had all the elements it has now but it just had not started the nuclear reaction which fuels today's sun. As the sun started to form from the debris of the dust/particle cloud so did all the planets."
    The entire commentary (link).
    The Earth is not Young, but the Sun's nuclear reaction, is... based on fossil evidence, a wee 500 million years old.

    Astronomers Discover Coldest Star Ever [VIDEO]

    Early Earth

    But what about Stromatolites and photosynthesis 3.5 billion years ago?

    That's covered here in full.

    Had there been any sunlight, it would have never reached the surface of the Earth, anyway.

    Early Earth

    I profess my innocense of the crime of Bibliolatry, however, I am scathed with certain Atheists who've somehow came to the conclusion their deconversion (which soon lead to blasphemous attacks on people of faith and anti-religious tyrades) supposedly equal a one size fits all, "patent truth"(TM), or even worse, a "scientific truth." Only the religious minded are under the delusion they advance their creeds by deception and claims to possess a monopoly on "absolute truths". Not unlike their counterparts Theistic Fundamentalists, who also believe they monopolize some sacred "Truth of Truths"(TM)... yet in my years acquainting both extremes, not much appears to be about an actual search for greater truths, understanding or knowledge. Rather, hatred and bigotry tend to be the motivating factor behind their many senseless squabbles.

    Straight from Scripture Commentary:

    Trees Before Sunlight
    See the King James Hebrew-Greek KeyWord Study Bible, AMG Publishers, 1991 for yet another reprint of this century-old LIE. This EVIL lie has been told and retold by theologians, biblical scholars, preachers and priests to paralyze brains of the religious, so that they may continue unabated generating billions in tithes and donations from the faithful, never again to question the dishonest anti-Darwinist rhetoric, so the church can continue fighting to stamp out truth and enlightenment. These men within the hallowed halls of the establishment of organized religion, just as those priests, the murderers of Jesus, are the enemies of God because "God" can only be found on the side of what is proven to be TRUTH. And I present the truth here vs. their evil lies that have deceived millions.

    Prototaxites, A Fossil Fruiting Fungi, 'Tree'
    Scientists discovered this fossilized, non-photosynthetic, fruiting "tree," and call it Prototaxites.

    They said it couldn't be done, but here it is, thanks to modern science and praise to God for revealing the truth about the fossil record. Still waiting on evangelicals to address this fossil discovery and begin owning up to their wretched LIES and DAMNED LIES for over a century... if it looks, waddles and quacks like a tree... its probably a tree.
        "The various attempts to join together the biblical account of creation and evolution are not supportable by the various gap theories because the order of creation is in direct opposition to the views of modern science (e.g., the creation of trees before light.)"
    Source: King James Hebrew-Greek KeyWord Study Bible, AMG Publishers, 1991

    Yes, finally, trees exactly as described in Genesis, before, and without sunlight. And no, it's not another lame hoax. (Short) and (Long). See, Prototaxites, Fossilized "Fruiting Fungi," 'Tree'.

    Also see Evolution of the Earliest Plant Organisms, specifically the "Fruiting Fungi" which fits an identical description,
    1. Has fruit with "seed" (spores) inside itself, and
    2. Can survive without sunlight (exactly as described in Genesis). Such organisms would have certainly existed during the Vendian/Precambrian.
    3. For a long time, scientists presumed or presume a giant "mystery fungi" was a tree, a conifer, to be precise... and some have now described it as one of the "Fruiting Fungi".

    Also, see "Fruit Trees Before Sunlight".

    I Challenge All with this Thousand Dollar Question:
    Please engage brain and point out where either term, "Create" or "Design," even appear in this text of Genesis?
    Genesis 1:11 And God said, Let the earth bring forth (tender) grass, the herb yielding seed, and the fruit tree yielding fruit after his kind, whose seed is in itself, upon the earth: and it was so.
    Genesis 1:12 And the earth brought forth grass, and herb yielding seed after his kind, and the tree yielding fruit, whose seed was in itself, after his kind: and God saw that it was good.
    Genesis 1:13 And the evening and the morning were the third day.

    Still Waiting...

    When you Atheists or Fundamentalist Xtian Darwin-haters can squeeze "creation" or "design" out of any of those verses which imply natural selection, let me know.

    And yes Atheists... please spare your sermon. Don't preach to the choir. I know all too well what you believe.

    Just because people become familiarized with Atheism, hardly means they are so blown away... so mesmerized with "The Truth"(TM) and taken in by a few persuasive argument fallacies that they automatically deconvert and lose faith. That they didn't accept your religion, hardly constitutes a lack of understanding. Perhaps it's just that Atheism is that unappealing. *The Shock* *The Awe* -- how could everyone not see things your way? They're just in denial. (Sound familiar?) Every religious adherent is *in shock* and *in awe* when others do not want to buy into their brand of religion and they fail to convince potential converts. Just as my views might not interest you, well, perhaps I am fully understanding your views and yet, Atheism still remains just that unappealing. Mainly because of the hateful attitudes and blatant lies that often accompany "The Truth"(TM). Any religion that has that extent of negativity in it can't be good for anyone's emotional well-being. Meanwhile, I fully understand why most people will not subscribe to my views. Foremost, it requires a minimal amount of knowledge of several scientific fields of study and secondly, reasoning that requires "thinking outside the box". Lastly, I'm not proposing to have any "One and Only Truth(TM)". Just presenting scientific facts whilst challenging long-held cherished falsehoods as well as faith in people to exercise critical reasoning and make up their own minds, and whatever conclusion people may arrive at is fine with me.

    Trees and Plants Before Sunlight
    Documentary from "The Soviet Story,"
    Jim Jones was a Communist
    Eddie Vedder
    Stage Name Marilyn Manson
    Alice in Chains

    The religious establishment and their twisted evil twin, anti-religion baiters said it couldn't be done, yet...


    Vegetation, Herbs and Trees Before Sunlight.
    Oh well, I guess that dashes arguments of Atheists and Science-Hating fundamentalists to little itsy bitsy pieces.
    (and more found here)

    Karl Marx Created Adolf Hitler
    Darwin's theory did not create Hitler as some have accused, nor did Hitler's Socialism have anything to do with Jesus Christ or Christianity. Besides Eugenics programme in early American history and over 27 states which had sterilization laws on the books before the time of Nazi Germany, Hitler derived his version of Communist ideologue, "National Socialism" directly from the Socialism of Karl Marx, advocate of the most malevolent version of toxic Atheism, and author of The Communist Manifesto which lead to the bloody death toll of at least 100 million in the 20th Century alone and the killing continues ...
    See Anti-Communism

    For more information on Communism, and the ghastly death tolls:

    The Black Book of Communism
    Black Book of Communism

    Harvard University Press
    Communist regimes around the globe are responsible for a greater number of deaths than any other political ideal or movement. It takes a brick of a book to provide the crushing scope of this murderous ideology, that killed tens of millions in the 20th Century and that will continue to kill.

    And while we're on the subject, let's set the record straight about Jim Jones, another evil, toxic atheist and Marxist-Leninist.
    "How could I demonstrate my Marxism? The thought was, infiltrate the church."
    - Jim Jones, founder of the murderous "People's Temple," a disgusting Atheist and Marxist degenerate camouflaged under the guise of being "A man of God".
    Carried out to the instruction as Marxist Revolutionary Vladimir Lenin, founder of the USSR, stated a necessity to infiltrate the Church, because the religious will '"swallow anything" if it is wrapped in religious terms.'

    Hitler, Messiah, Anti-Christ
    Like Atheist Stalin, Hitler wages a war against people of all religion.
    (See Commentary Link.)

    Communists murdered 100 Million over the past century.

    Communist party members are Atheists.

    And no, sorry, but Joseph Stalin was not a Christian because he attended seminary once and Christianity did not turn him into a butcher. George Bernard Shaw was no Christian either when he openly supported Hitler and mass genocide by gassing.

    I’m an atheist and I thank God for it.”
    - George Bernard Shaw

    Atheists know this doesn't look good when they attempt to convert people to Atheism, and people are aware of the death tolls under Communist regimes so Atheists will do mental cartwheels to conveniently deny history or come up with some other lame twisted argument fallacy to explain away the atrocities committed by Atheists, such as, "Communists worship the state," I suppose therefore they're not Atheists?? Hogwash! Enough of the silly grammar school semantics!! That's not what the Communist Party is saying, Atheists!! To become a member of the Atheist State Religion, ooops, I mean Communist Party, you must be a sworn Atheist. No exceptions!

    Darwin was never the problem. ATHEISM was the problem!? No wonder Christians rejected Darwin's theory after people like George Bernard Shaw and Karl Marx latched on to it like the parasites they were!

    I believe in the religion of Love which the Prophet Jesus Christ taught.
    So, Atheists! Looks like that agenda to convert the world to your religion of atheism has alas backfired. Your hate propaganda has turned people off. People as a whole are still as spiritual as ever, if not more so. Oh, don't delude yourself, people understand very very well what you believe, and I know all too well what you believe with your religion of hate. Whatever side you're on, I'm not there!!!

    My favorite Atheist, Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam, whose wonderful song "Jeremy" brought attention to the anguish of kids who deal with school bullies vs. my least favorite

    Mr. Brian Warner, aka Marilyn "Who Needs Fred Phelps?" Manson? guilty of regularly bullying and abusing his employees, both physically and mentally. THE VIDEOS ARE DISTURBING. Just "boys being boys"? or more age old ignorance that leads to a society of bullies. Most people have heard about the evil antics, but remain oblivious to the level of inappropriate bullying and ruthless violence even band members apparently have grown weary of.

    Saving the best for last.

    Sorry 'tis not Atheist that I can tell, but it is Alice in Chains. My favorite band of all time, brazenly questioning religious dogma and rhetoric.

    And not to forget my commentary on the meaning of Soundgarden: Black Hole Sun A must read... or at least, a must-listen!