Genesis 1:20 ( Day Five of Genesis, Part 1 of 2 )

Many of the earliest waters were "shallow seas"... and shells would designate a need for protection against the suns' rays and quite possibly, the water itself.

WikiAnswers - Do you get a sunburn faster in salt water? Yes, the salt water dries out your skin a lot faster, sucking all the moisture out, ...
~ wiki answers com

Causes Of Sun Poisoning ...
Note, the question is about sun poisoning, not sunburns. ... much body water (dehydration) and salt/minerals. ... occur: numbness/tingling of the arms/legs, ...
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Also, the evolutionary leap forward of the "moving creature" mentioned in Genesis 1:20 ...

Genesis 1:20 And God said, Let the waters bring forth abundantly the moving creature...

Part 1 of 2 (Genesis 1:20, Epoch or Day Five)
"The first animals did not leave fossilized bones - they had no bones, but they did leave clues. They did leave traces - tracks and trails, just as animals do today. Footprints close together suggest walking rather than running - prints give clues to movement, behavior, size - through the writing of steps on the earth. While tracks seem natural for animals, it is noted that the first animals did not leave tracks - they were like the sponges of today, which filter the water for tiny bits of food. Sponges could not move, and most cnidarians did not move to pursue the world either. Locomotion was invented by another animal... that dates back 540 million years. Animal body plans were undergoing revolution 565 million years ago. The trails indicate the first mobile animal could move sediment. The animal had to be thin because the trail is only a few mm wide, and the track is rounded so the creature had to be cylindrical, there are no scratches along the trail so the creature had no appendages, the trail also shows a sense of direction which indicates the presence of a head - it knew where it was going. It’s legacy is in most animals on the planet, which have the same body plan. Animals move with their heads leading the way, an innovation that changed the course of animal life."
The Shape of Life, Episode 3: The First Hunter (Flatworms)

Shell Theories
"Why did early Cambrian organisms evolve shells? The obvious answer is that they needed protection. But it has been pointed out that there were (*)no known predators armed with teeth at this time--so what exactly were these tiny organisms protecting themselves against? One possibilty is that predators used other means of attack, such as stinging cells, which left no trace in the fossil record. But it is possible that the shells were not for protection at all. They may have been for energy stores, a response to chemical changes in seawater or an anchor for (**)soft body parts."
Discovery Channel, 1999, Atlas of the Prehistoric World, pg. 61

Utah Geological Survey
During the Early Cambrian (about 570 to 540 million years ago), western Utah was covered by a shallow sea. Slow-moving rivers flowed across the sandy ...

* Organism fossils from the Vendian, which preceded the Cambrian lifeforms, had one further, say scientists: No mouths, nor internal digestive tract visible in fossil finds. So if they were not animal, then what were they?
** The most important purpose of all for shells is being overlooked. Protection from the sun's dehydrating heat, and light. It would have been entirely impossible for soft body organisms to ever leave the protection of their watery environment, had it not been without thick protection from the drying effect of the sun. To this day, anyone familiar with beach-combing will notice mollusks who wash up on shore... quickly dig under the sand, and hide from the sun and open air until the tide rises.

Early Cambrian innovation in shallow subtidal environments: Paleoenvironments of Early Cambrian shelly fossils
Jeffrey F. Mount1 and P. W. Signer1
Department of Geology, University of California, Davis, California 95616
"Contrary to onshore-offshore patterns described for several Phanerozoic clades, evolutionary innovations leading to the earliest shelly Metazoa did not originate in nearshore, stressed marine habitats. Paleoecological analyses of the Early Cambrian fauna and strata of the White-Inyo Mountains of California indicate that major shelly taxa and trace fossils appeared offshore from shallow-water, physically stressed environments and only later spread to nearshore habitats. Other lowermost Cambrian stratigraphic sections elsewhere in the world show similar patterns. The contrast in pattern of community evolution between the Early Cambrian and the remaining Phanerozoic suggests either temporally variable control on position of evolutionary innovation or a need for reexaminution of the data."

Precambrian Era
The oldest rocks in Georgia are found in the Piedmont and Blue Ridge provinces and are Proterozoic in age (1 to 1.3 billion years old). These rocks were originally deposited as sediment, which was compressed into sedimentary rocks and then altered by heat and pressure into a metamorphic rock called gneiss. The metamorphism occurred about 1 billion years ago during a mountain-building event, or orogeny, in eastern North America called the Grenville Orogeny. This orogeny was accompanied by the intrusion of granite and other igneous rocks, which were also metamorphosed. The rocks were folded, faulted, uplifted, and then eroded. These metamorphic rocks, called the Grenville gneisses, form the "basement" upon which the younger rocks of the Appalachian mountain system have been deposited.
630 and 700 million years ago, the rifting (or splitting apart of the continent) began, which led to the opening of the Iapetus Ocean (or proto–Atlantic Ocean) along the eastern margin of North America. From the Late Proterozoic to the Early Cambrian, the Grenville mountains eroded, and streams transported sediments to the sea, which covered much of Georgia at that time. These sediments were compacted into sedimentary rocks and later metamorphosed to the gneiss, marble, metaconglomerate, phyllite, quartzite, schist, and slate found in the Blue Ridge and/or Piedmont regions of Georgia.
Volcanic islands were present in this ancient sea, and eruptions produced igneous rocks, which were also later metamorphosed. Today these rocks are amphibolite, hornblende gneiss, and other metavolcanic rocks. Gold was deposited from mineral-rich hot waters moving through cracks in the volcanic rocks on the sea floor. This gold has been mined in the Dahlonega area since its discovery in 1828.
Paleozoic Era
From the Cambrian to the Pennsylvanian periods, the southeastern part of North America lay south of the equator in a relatively tropical climatic zone. The Iapetus Ocean was offshore, roughly where the Atlantic Ocean is today. As the sea flooded over the eastern edge of North America during the Paleozoic, a thick (5 to 10 kilometers or more) sequence of shallow marine sediments was deposited. A series of three mountain-building events affected eastern North America during the Paleozoic. These orogenies caused metamorphism, folding, faulting, and igneous intrusions in the Piedmont and Blue Ridge, as well as the folding and faulting of the sedimentary rocks of the Valley and Ridge and the Appalachian Plateau.
Cambrian Period, Ordovician Period, and Silurian Period
During the Cambrian period (542 to 490 million years ago), sandstones, dolostones, and shales were deposited on beaches and in shallow seas covering the eastern edge of North America. During the Late Cambrian and Early Ordovician periods, carbonate rocks, or limestones, were deposited in the warm, shallow waters of this sea. The environment was much like that of the present-day Great Bahama Bank. Numerous animals, including corals, brachiopods, snails, nautiloid cephalopods, crinoids, trilobites, and bryozoans, inhabited the shallow sea.

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If educated and reason-minded Christian men of science like Louis Agassiz found it plausible to embrace the concept of a supernatural entity at work in nature, then the possibility is good enough for me.

Science Fact: "The Sun and all the planets were formed at around the same time, depending on when you define the birth of the sun. Before the Sun became as it is today it was a proto sun, which had all the elements it has now but it just had not started the nuclear reaction which fuels today's sun. As the sun started to form from the debris of the dust/particle cloud so did all the planets."
The entire commentary (link).
The Earth is not Young, but the Sun's nuclear reaction, is... based on fossil evidence, a wee 500 million years old.

Astronomers Discover Coldest Star Ever [VIDEO]

Early Earth

But what about Stromatolites and photosynthesis 3.5 billion years ago?

That's covered here in full.

Had there been any sunlight, it would have never reached the surface of the Earth, anyway.

Early Earth

I profess my innocense of the crime of Bibliolatry, however, I am scathed with certain Atheists who've somehow came to the conclusion their deconversion (which soon lead to blasphemous attacks on people of faith and anti-religious tyrades) supposedly equal a one size fits all, "patent truth"(TM), or even worse, a "scientific truth." Only the religious minded are under the delusion they advance their creeds by deception and claims to possess a monopoly on "absolute truths". Not unlike their counterparts Theistic Fundamentalists, who also believe they monopolize some sacred "Truth of Truths"(TM)... yet in my years acquainting both extremes, not much appears to be about an actual search for greater truths, understanding or knowledge. Rather, hatred and bigotry tend to be the motivating factor behind their many senseless squabbles.

Straight from Scripture Commentary:

Trees Before Sunlight
See the King James Hebrew-Greek KeyWord Study Bible, AMG Publishers, 1991 for yet another reprint of this century-old LIE. This EVIL lie has been told and retold by theologians, biblical scholars, preachers and priests to paralyze brains of the religious, so that they may continue unabated generating billions in tithes and donations from the faithful, never again to question the dishonest anti-Darwinist rhetoric, so the church can continue fighting to stamp out truth and enlightenment. These men within the hallowed halls of the establishment of organized religion, just as those priests, the murderers of Jesus, are the enemies of God because "God" can only be found on the side of what is proven to be TRUTH. And I present the truth here vs. their evil lies that have deceived millions.

Prototaxites, A Fossil Fruiting Fungi, 'Tree'
Scientists discovered this fossilized, non-photosynthetic, fruiting "tree," and call it Prototaxites.

They said it couldn't be done, but here it is, thanks to modern science and praise to God for revealing the truth about the fossil record. Still waiting on evangelicals to address this fossil discovery and begin owning up to their wretched LIES and DAMNED LIES for over a century... if it looks, waddles and quacks like a tree... its probably a tree.
    "The various attempts to join together the biblical account of creation and evolution are not supportable by the various gap theories because the order of creation is in direct opposition to the views of modern science (e.g., the creation of trees before light.)"
Source: King James Hebrew-Greek KeyWord Study Bible, AMG Publishers, 1991

Yes, finally, trees exactly as described in Genesis, before, and without sunlight. And no, it's not another lame hoax. (Short) and (Long). See, Prototaxites, Fossilized "Fruiting Fungi," 'Tree'.

Also see Evolution of the Earliest Plant Organisms, specifically the "Fruiting Fungi" which fits an identical description,
1. Has fruit with "seed" (spores) inside itself, and
2. Can survive without sunlight (exactly as described in Genesis). Such organisms would have certainly existed during the Vendian/Precambrian.
3. For a long time, scientists presumed or presume a giant "mystery fungi" was a tree, a conifer, to be precise... and some have now described it as one of the "Fruiting Fungi".

Also, see "Fruit Trees Before Sunlight".

I Challenge All with this Thousand Dollar Question:
Please engage brain and point out where either term, "Create" or "Design," even appear in this text of Genesis?
Genesis 1:11 And God said, Let the earth bring forth (tender) grass, the herb yielding seed, and the fruit tree yielding fruit after his kind, whose seed is in itself, upon the earth: and it was so.
Genesis 1:12 And the earth brought forth grass, and herb yielding seed after his kind, and the tree yielding fruit, whose seed was in itself, after his kind: and God saw that it was good.
Genesis 1:13 And the evening and the morning were the third day.

Still Waiting...

When you Atheists or Fundamentalist Xtian Darwin-haters can squeeze "creation" or "design" out of any of those verses which imply natural selection, let me know.

And yes Atheists... please spare your sermon. Don't preach to the choir. I know all too well what you believe.

Just because people become familiarized with Atheism, hardly means they are so blown away... so mesmerized with "The Truth"(TM) and taken in by a few persuasive argument fallacies that they automatically deconvert and lose faith. That they didn't accept your religion, hardly constitutes a lack of understanding. Perhaps it's just that Atheism is that unappealing. *The Shock* *The Awe* -- how could everyone not see things your way? They're just in denial. (Sound familiar?) Every religious adherent is *in shock* and *in awe* when others do not want to buy into their brand of religion and they fail to convince potential converts. Just as my views might not interest you, well, perhaps I am fully understanding your views and yet, Atheism still remains just that unappealing. Mainly because of the hateful attitudes and blatant lies that often accompany "The Truth"(TM). Any religion that has that extent of negativity in it can't be good for anyone's emotional well-being. Meanwhile, I fully understand why most people will not subscribe to my views. Foremost, it requires a minimal amount of knowledge of several scientific fields of study and secondly, reasoning that requires "thinking outside the box". Lastly, I'm not proposing to have any "One and Only Truth(TM)". Just presenting scientific facts whilst challenging long-held cherished falsehoods as well as faith in people to exercise critical reasoning and make up their own minds, and whatever conclusion people may arrive at is fine with me.

Trees and Plants Before Sunlight
Documentary from "The Soviet Story,"
Jim Jones was a Communist
Eddie Vedder
Stage Name Marilyn Manson
Alice in Chains

The religious establishment and their twisted evil twin, anti-religion baiters said it couldn't be done, yet...


Vegetation, Herbs and Trees Before Sunlight.
Oh well, I guess that dashes arguments of Atheists and Science-Hating fundamentalists to little itsy bitsy pieces.
(and more found here)

Karl Marx Created Adolf Hitler
Darwin's theory did not create Hitler as some have accused, nor did Hitler's Socialism have anything to do with Jesus Christ or Christianity. Besides Eugenics programme in early American history and over 27 states which had sterilization laws on the books before the time of Nazi Germany, Hitler derived his version of Communist ideologue, "National Socialism" directly from the Socialism of Karl Marx, advocate of the most malevolent version of toxic Atheism, and author of The Communist Manifesto which lead to the bloody death toll of at least 100 million in the 20th Century alone and the killing continues ...
See Anti-Communism

For more information on Communism, and the ghastly death tolls:

The Black Book of Communism
Black Book of Communism

Harvard University Press
Communist regimes around the globe are responsible for a greater number of deaths than any other political ideal or movement. It takes a brick of a book to provide the crushing scope of this murderous ideology, that killed tens of millions in the 20th Century and that will continue to kill.

And while we're on the subject, let's set the record straight about Jim Jones, another evil, toxic atheist and Marxist-Leninist.
"How could I demonstrate my Marxism? The thought was, infiltrate the church."
- Jim Jones, founder of the murderous "People's Temple," a disgusting Atheist and Marxist degenerate camouflaged under the guise of being "A man of God".
Carried out to the instruction as Marxist Revolutionary Vladimir Lenin, founder of the USSR, stated a necessity to infiltrate the Church, because the religious will '"swallow anything" if it is wrapped in religious terms.'

Hitler, Messiah, Anti-Christ
Like Atheist Stalin, Hitler wages a war against people of all religion.
(See Commentary Link.)

Communists murdered 100 Million over the past century.

Communist party members are Atheists.

And no, sorry, but Joseph Stalin was not a Christian because he attended seminary once and Christianity did not turn him into a butcher. George Bernard Shaw was no Christian either when he openly supported Hitler and mass genocide by gassing.

I’m an atheist and I thank God for it.”
- George Bernard Shaw

Atheists know this doesn't look good when they attempt to convert people to Atheism, and people are aware of the death tolls under Communist regimes so Atheists will do mental cartwheels to conveniently deny history or come up with some other lame twisted argument fallacy to explain away the atrocities committed by Atheists, such as, "Communists worship the state," I suppose therefore they're not Atheists?? Hogwash! Enough of the silly grammar school semantics!! That's not what the Communist Party is saying, Atheists!! To become a member of the Atheist State Religion, ooops, I mean Communist Party, you must be a sworn Atheist. No exceptions!

Darwin was never the problem. ATHEISM was the problem!? No wonder Christians rejected Darwin's theory after people like George Bernard Shaw and Karl Marx latched on to it like the parasites they were!

I believe in the religion of Love which the Prophet Jesus Christ taught.
So, Atheists! Looks like that agenda to convert the world to your religion of atheism has alas backfired. Your hate propaganda has turned people off. People as a whole are still as spiritual as ever, if not more so. Oh, don't delude yourself, people understand very very well what you believe, and I know all too well what you believe with your religion of hate. Whatever side you're on, I'm not there!!!

My favorite Atheist, Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam, whose wonderful song "Jeremy" brought attention to the anguish of kids who deal with school bullies vs. my least favorite

Mr. Brian Warner, aka Marilyn "Who Needs Fred Phelps?" Manson? guilty of regularly bullying and abusing his employees, both physically and mentally. THE VIDEOS ARE DISTURBING. Just "boys being boys"? or more age old ignorance that leads to a society of bullies. Most people have heard about the evil antics, but remain oblivious to the level of inappropriate bullying and ruthless violence even band members apparently have grown weary of.

Saving the best for last.

Sorry 'tis not Atheist that I can tell, but it is Alice in Chains. My favorite band of all time, brazenly questioning religious dogma and rhetoric.

And not to forget my commentary on the meaning of Soundgarden: Black Hole Sun A must read... or at least, a must-listen!